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By prophecy, Ragnarok will come, and it will be the end of everything. It will be the age of death and ashes. The gods will fight the prophecy, but they too will die.

The giant wolf Fenris will kill Odin the allfather, and this will ignite a spark of vengeance in his son Vidar. He breaks the prophecy when he successfully kills Fenris.

Heimdal sees this, and sends Vidar away from the battlefield, somewhere he can survive and rebuild the Aesir when the time comes.

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Defeat unique and powerful bosses



Created by the new God from the ashes of the Asgardian Valkyries.

* Map editor - Create custom maps
*Tons of item combos and builds
*Master and defeat powerful bosses

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Shortcuts are coming

* Travel the nine realms, from Helheim to Asgard!
* next-gen 2d procedural feet??!

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